Propane is great, but there’s nothing to enjoy about the refill process. That’s where we come in! My Propane Butler streamlines things by bringing filled propane tanks right to homes and/or businesses in the Benson area. As an added bonus, we take the empty tanks with us and can even hook up your new ones for you. 

Propane Tank Sizes for Delivery

Grills, fireplaces, mixed heating systems and more can all get the propane support they need. We offer the following propane tank sizes and accessories for homes and businesses:

We’re proud to offer FREE standard delivery and next-day delivery for only $24.95. Please note that next day delivery is not available on weekends or holidays. 

For maximum convenience, you don’t even need to be home or at your business! We’ll disconnect and remove any old tanks ourselves and even hook up the new ones if you’d like. 

Commercial Propane Delivery in Benson, NC

You’re busy enough as is running your business to have to manage propane refills. Our propane tank delivery services take care of both the hassle and time expenditure. It’s the clear reason why business types throughout Benson turn to us for their propane needs. 

Schedule Your Propane Delivery Today

No matter where you need it or what you need it for, we’re here to service your propane needs in the Benson area. Get started by emailing us at or going through our online ordering process.

Delivery Options

Standard Delivery = FREE

Next Day Delivery = $24.95

Next day delivery is not available on Saturdays or Sundays

Delivery Information

  • We Exchange your current tank for ours
  • You do not need to be home for the delivery