Propane stoves and grills offer greater temperature control than their electric counterparts. Users can make quick adjustments between temperature needs in seconds, allowing for a more flexible and efficient cooking experience. Propane is also cheaper to cook with than electricity, and it can power almost all cooking appliances. With your propane stove or grill, you can serve up evenly, speedily cooked meals for your friends and family.

Portable Propane Grill

Portable propane grills are practical for users who camp or want to cook with more control and efficiency while away from their indoor cooking range. Portable propane grills are often compact for easy transport to outdoor areas beyond your patio or backyard.

Propane Tank Sizes for Stoves & Grills

At My Propane Butler, we offer a range of propane tanks from 20-100 lbs to meet your heating and small appliance needs. Propane grills are most commonly fueled by a 20 lb tank, while many small household appliances like propane stoves or cooking ranges and indoor/outdoor fireplaces require a 100 lb tank, a relatively portable tank despite its heft.

Propane Stove & Grills Installation & Setup

While it’s possible (and fairly easy) to connect a propane tank to your grill, propane stove installation should be handled by a professional. Trained installers are able to take the proper precautions when working with gas and flammable objects. Contact one of the certified installers at My Propane Butler for a thorough and efficient installation of your propane stove.

Service Areas

Cook more efficiently and to perfection with your propane stove or grill, with propane supplied by My Propane Butler’s delivery service! We’re prepared to deliver propane tanks to your home so you can spend less time shopping and more time cooking and feasting with friends and family. Our delivery area covers most of the North Carolina Triangle and surrounding areas, including:

  • Raleigh
  • Morrisville
  • Apex
  • Cary
  • Holly Springs
  • Wendell
  • Clayton
  • Fuquay Varina
  • WIllow Springs
  • Angier
  • Garner 
  • Knightdale
  • Zebulon
  • Smithfield
  • Selma
  • Pine Level
  • Princeton
  • Four Oaks
  • Benson

Propane Stoves and Grills FAQs

Propane stoves and grills are designed for a more controlled cooking experience. Learn more about how to safely use propane stoves and grills in your home.

How Do You Light a Propane Grill?

Lighting a propane grill is a quick and easy process when done safely. Always make sure the lid of your grill is open to prevent fume build-up before turning on the gas and lighting the grill. Turn the propane valve on the propane tank to begin releasing gas. Then, ignite your grill by turning on the grill burner closest to the igniter.

How Long Does a Propane Tank Last on a Grill?

Your propane grill’s 20 lb tank will typically last 18-20 hours when used to fuel a medium-sized grill. Larger grills may run through your propane tank’s supply in about 10 hours.

How Do You Connect a Propane Tank to a Grill?

As always, safety must be prioritized while handling propane. This means you should check to make sure your grill is turned off and the valve on your propane tank is closed. Ensure there are no cracks or damage to the tank itself, then remove its seal. Insert the regulator’s nipple into the valve and tighten the coupling nut to the tank valve by turning it clockwise twice. Your connection should be complete, but if you have a low flame, check for leaks in your tank or points of connection.

How Much Propane Does a Stove Use?

The average propane cooking range uses about 35 gallons of propane per year, but more frequent usage of your stove may expend up to 5-10 gallons of propane per month.

Does a Propane Stove Need To Be Vented?

To prevent the dispersion of harmful PM 2.5 particles while cooking over your gas stove, proper ventilation is required. Such particles can irritate the respiratory tract and lungs and may be even more dangerous for people with compromised respiratory systems.

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