How to Store Propane

Propane is a useful source of energy for residential and commercial applications. Propane is readily available and can be the perfect alternative energy source for a variety of uses. With the right storage accommodations, you’ll have consistent and reliable access to your propane, whenever you need it.

Best Practices for Propane Tank Storage

Ensure the safety of your propane tank with these few tips:

Find a Secure Spot

Propane tanks should always be stored in an open, flat location. To protect your tank from extreme heat, store your tank in a shaded area, away from direct sunlight.

Store Your Tank Upright

While in use, your propane tank should be kept upright. Storing a propane tank on its side or upside down may allow liquid or gas to escape, creating a potentially dangerous situation.

Keep Your Tank Dry

Concrete support slabs provide a level surface to store your tank. Elevated surfaces keep your tank dry and away from the ground, preventing excess moisture from rusting and damaging the tank.

Avoid Your Home

Never keep your propane tank in or near a living space—including separate gardens or sheds. Propane is highly flammable and combustible in the right conditions. Keep your propane tank away from living areas in an outdoor location.

What to Avoid When Storing Propane

There are a few things you should avoid at all costs when storing propane tanks. Improper storage can lead to a dangerous situation.

Exposing Your Tank to Extreme Temperatures

Propane tanks can be safely stored between temperatures of -40°F and 120°F. It’s rare for outdoor temperatures to reach these extremes in the United States, making propane tanks safe to store outdoors. 

Keeping Flammable or Combustible Materials Nearby

As we’ve mentioned before, propane is highly flammable. Keep your tank away from open flames, electric sparks and other risks—including cigarettes or other smoking materials.

How My Propane Butler Can Help

Transporting and refilling your propane tank takes time and loads of effort. For tanks between 20-100 lbs, we’ll transport and exchange your tanks for your! My Propane Butler offers delivery and exchange for both residents and commercial customers throughout the Triangle. Contact us today to learn more about our propane tank services.